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  • Schedule Update & Halloween Special

    Saturday 10th October 2020

    Our Schedule has updated!

    Go take a look below.

    We are happy to announce a Halloween Special Yoga Session!

    Everyone is welcome to book through our book online page here.

    Scroll across to the week starting 26th October 2020.

  • New Web Design

    Saturday 15th August 2020

    As you will have noticed we have a new website!

    We took time away due to COVID-19 to launch a new site for our reopening. We belkive this new design is eaasier to operate for our customers and has maade finding exactly what your looking for quicker and easier. We hope you all love it.

    A special thank you to INKDESIGNCONSULTANCY for helping us launch this site so quickly and easily.

  • We Are Open!

    Tuesday 28th July 2020

    11:11 Yoga is Open!

    In accordance with government guidelines we have no reopened our studio to the public. We have implemented  number of safety measures to keep both our customers and our team safe. These measures include hand sanitisers, open doors & windows, socially distanced spaces and limited class sizes (6 Indoors & 12 Outdoors).

    You now must supply your own equipment, but there will be the option to purchase some in store.

    Thank you for your patience as we takes steps to get 11:11 Yoga Studio back to a new normal.

  • Fundraiser Goal Smashed

    Monday 27th July 2020

    Thanks to your help and kind generosity we have smashed our fundraiser goal of £1000 and raised a whopping £8,013.80 in just over 30 Days! Thats 803% of our initial goal. 

    We wanted to take this moment to say as a team how proud of Gemma we are for tackling Breast Cancer with such positive energy and showing us just how strong people can be.


      All money raised will go yo Cancer Research UK.

  • Gemma 108 Sun Salutation Update 

    Thursday 18th June 2020

    Thank you for the over £3000 already raised. We appreciate it so much!

  • Gemma 108 Sun Salutation

    Thursday 11th June 2020

    Hey Everyone, we hope you are all doing well in these crazy times.

    As most of you will know, unfortunately in March Gemma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It would be a huge help if you could take five minutes to donate to her fundraiser on Cancer Research UK.


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