How to Book

Signing Up

First, on the menu select the page "Book Now".

In the top right of the schedule, find the button named "Login/Register"

In the pop up select the "Register" under Create an Account.

Fill in the form and select "Submit"

You are now a member at 11:11 Yoga Studio. Yay!

Buying Credits

Navigate to the "Book Now" page and select the Profile Icon in the top right.


Once on the profile page, in the bottom left. Either "add card"  or add "direct debit".

Once these details are added, click the "X" in the top right of the Profile Page.

Now using the Booking Menu, select the option "Memberships".


From the displayed options please select the desired membership. 

Now you have credits and can use these to Book Classes with us.

Booking a Class

On the "Book Now" page, select the desired class.

Once the pop up appears, select the "Book" button.


If you are not logged in, it will now ask you to do so.


Confirm the booking and you're done. You should receive an email confirming your booking.

Booking through the App

Download the Glofox app from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Type "11:11 Yoga Studio" into the Search and select the Studio.


If you haven't already done so register as a member


To register you will need to provide your email, password and personal details.


You will asked to read and accept the read the Studio Waiver.


You are now ready to buy a membership pass that gives you class credits. You will need to provide payment details via our secure online system.

Once you’ve chosen and paid for your membership pass you’re ready to navigate to our class timetable.


From here you can book our classes or courses - Yippee! 

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