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11:11 Yoga Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for hot yoga?

At 11:11 Yoga Studio our heat range varies depending on class and style from 25-30 degrees, so its important to stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water before the class throughout the day as well as sipping water throughout the class and afterwards. We recommend eating 2 hours before class to give your digestive system the chance to do its thing. If you’re tight on time, a small snack like a banana is a great source of fuel. Everyone can hot yoga, the more you do it the more you’ll notice the benefits!

What might happen in a typical class?

Every class is unique depending on the practice and instructor although throughout our classes our aim is to have you leaving the studio feeling relaxed, refreshed and revived through a series of postures to open the body, connect to the breath and calming our busy mind!

Where can I find the timetable?

Our timetable is available on a desktop by clicking Book Now and scrolling through to see the classes available on the day or vis or app, Glofox which can easily be downloaded to your phone from free from the app store and typing 11:11 Yoga studio before registering your details and seeing what class suits you!

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is a great way to feel fully refreshed and reset. At 11:11 we offer a wide range of classes but ultimately they all come under Hatha. Hatha is a traditional word for Yoga practice, meaning Sun and Moon energy. Yoga is not just about the asanas (postures) but an overall lifestyle. So why do we practice it hot? Yoga was originally practised in India before coming to the western world and therefore by increasing the room temperature we are teaching in a more authentic setting. The heat allows the body relax and open up, moving deeper into postures and detoxing at the same time.

Where is the studio based?

The studio is located in the beautiful town of Calne in Wiltshire. We are just opposite the church, giving the studio a beautiful view.


21 Church St, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 0HY

Who is yoga for?

Yoga is available for everyone, anyone can practice and once you start on your own journey you won’t want to stop! We offer a range of classes to suit all abilities, please feel free to email us any questions you may have.

What are the health benefits?

Cardiovascular health: Exercising in the heat naturally will raise your heat rate and make your body work that little harder whilst naturally and gradually increasing flexibility. Imagine trying to open up a cold body when your muscles contract and as opposed to relaxed muscles that are all warm and toasty nicely relaxing and you’ll understand the difference.

Flexibility: The heat in the room means you will have to create less heat yourself to feel your muscles loosen up. You’ll be able to move deeper into stretches and won’t have to warm up as much to build the heat. The warmer the body, the deeper you will get in those lovely juicy stretches, increasing flexibility over a shorter period of time.

Breathing: Although the heat might mean that you feel like you are working hard to catch your breath in a yoga class, the breathing exercises that are often done in class can over time help increase your lung capacity and help you breathe better and deeper. We always offer alternative breathing by exhaling through the mouth to cool the body and promote regular hydration breaks.


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